Fall Skirmish Week 4 Trial - ATK Racing

Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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  • Nais twist

    MAGNUSMAGNUSIl y a 7 mois
  • Epic you have a glitch where if you do ur FortniteMares challenge that is land at wailing haunted and lucky you get 350 battle stars please fix this.

    PricyToasterPricyToasterIl y a 7 mois
  • OMG they made the golf cart from Fortnite real?!

    Exxplosive21Exxplosive21Il y a 7 mois

    Doeydubd -YTDoeydubd -YTIl y a 7 mois
  • Funny 😁

    Gamer 98006Gamer 98006Il y a 7 mois
  • 😁

    Gamer 98006Gamer 98006Il y a 7 mois
  • Can there be a skateboard coming to fortnite because at the end it shows a guy skateboarding maybe like if agree.

    Lucas ManzanoLucas ManzanoIl y a 7 mois
  • Progression of Fortnite Before seasons: People mostly were very bad, and were still learning basic aspects of the game. It was a free game and no one bought skins. Even though no one could seem to win any fights, people still had a good time. Season 1: The game gained some popularity and the season shop was introduced. Mostly everyone was pretty bad but it was still fun to try to win with your squad. The game was about winning. Season 2: there started to be a separation between the skilled and non skilled players. People who were good could use weapons like the bolt and pump very effectively. People learned that they could build big bases. With the introduction of the battle pass and complex skins, the game starting to center around earning leveled rewards Season 3: Massive changes to gameplay with the largest map update ever. $20 skins are becoming frequent in the item shop and the battle pass is a more predominant purchase. A very noticeable difference between skilled and unskilled players. Emotes became a central purchase. A new music theme also appeared even though no one asked for it. Game hype and popularity was starting to spike upward. Season 4: the start of the decline of Fortnite. Constant nerfs and buffs of various things to change gameplay. New weapons introduced as well. This was the start of the decrease of skill gap, along with the spray meta. The game at this point is primarily about the battle pass and leveling up tiers Season 5: the worst update Fortnite has ever had. Further decrease in skill gap and massive amounts of start of game luck. The game at this point is 100% about skins and is no longer about getting a win with your friends. Red knight was brought back which upset a lot of older players. Season 6: a further amplification of season 5. New expensive skins come out every few days, and yet another battle pass. No one cares about wins, but only cares about what tier they are in the battle pass or what skins they have. Red knight brought back again along with skull trooper in an extreme act of disrespect to original players. Fortnite at this point makes it clear that they only care about money. The “og remix” becomes available as a high level tier in the battle pass. Not only is it not even close to the same as the old lobby music, you have to spend money on the battle pass to unlock it. In the future: bring back the obvious skill gap, and remove unskilled weapons, such as the heavy sniper, and all smgs. Remove methods to avoid skilled game play, such as port a fort/fortresses, grapplers, shadow stones, the tornado, and all vehicles that allow a method of movement faster than running. Bring building health back up. Bring pump damage back up, and remove shotgun delay. And finally, give all pre seasons, season 1, and season 2 players the original music that they remember. And do this for free.

    Jason TeetselJason TeetselIl y a 7 mois
  • Lol they made fortnite vehicles into a real life thing

    GrilliMake 69GrilliMake 69Il y a 7 mois
  • I wish you put season 4 so I can get orange justice

    Fortnite GAMER ALFONZOFortnite GAMER ALFONZOIl y a 7 mois
  • Hi Epic You should On October 25th Give The People Who got the Battle pass But Didn’t Get all the skins And Give them the skins they missed on

    FantasticOrginsFantasticOrginsIl y a 7 mois
  • cringe

    TronpoolTronpoolIl y a 7 mois
  • Add mouse and keyboard to xbox one

    AirTess YTAirTess YTIl y a 7 mois
  • I’ve been trying to contact you guys all day to no avail. I’ve been asking for your help all day to avail. You’ve falsely banned me and taken away my battle hound, living large and t-pose. You have robbed me of 140$ Plus I’ve spent on this game. I love your game and I don’t want to stop playing but with the horrible customer service and with no responses, I might want to find a new game. I’ve waisted hours trying call your number and leaving messages and getting no call backs. I’ve been leaving countless emails “Natassa T” without any responses. I just want to play the game Epic and I can’t. I know you’ll probably never address me but, if you see this please help me. Microsoft can’t help me no one can. I’ve supported your company for years I’ve been a fan of Fortnite since November. I’m an OG player can you at least help me with my problem? I’m begging you I’ve spent so much time,effort, and money into this game. I just want to play the game, and have the skins I used my own money to buy. Please email me someone who is serious about their job and wants to help me.

    GSG RichardGSG RichardIl y a 7 mois
  • When is it going to be fixed that when you shoot with a shotgun, then switch to let’s say submachine, then quickly switch back to that same shotgun, that the delay is still there. The delay was supposed to get rid of double shotgun, not ruin the shotguns I have no problems with double shotty being gone, but at least fix the problems that are still present

    Someone 5173Someone 5173Il y a 7 mois
  • Zeke really is becoming a national treasure haha, protect this man with all costs

    James ClaytonJames ClaytonIl y a 7 mois
  • no sam aloud

    FoOz PumaFoOz PumaIl y a 7 mois
  • Plese invite me for android beta

    Viktor GazievViktor GazievIl y a 7 mois

    RedSyndicate ProductionsRedSyndicate ProductionsIl y a 7 mois
  • Can you plz make a emote that is thug life😎 He puts that hat and that thing in his mouth and a thug life text next to him pllllzzzzzz That could be nice to me

    Rex Del713Rex Del713Il y a 7 mois
  • Crownwins was cheating

    Genji XxGenji XxIl y a 7 mois
  • Fortnite please bring old music😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    0_ 00_ 0Il y a 7 mois
  • The ATK is fun! 😄

    sizzlingsamurai23sizzlingsamurai23Il y a 7 mois
  • What about Unreal Tournament? Really want updates. Fortnite is fun too, but you know UT no updates since June 2017. I really want UT back..

    Tajda54 BodnarTajda54 BodnarIl y a 7 mois
  • i realized that i have 7.?.?.?. Android

    Mad duckMad duckIl y a 7 mois
  • Bring back the robot in the item shop

    Mr.Gamer BoiMr.Gamer BoiIl y a 7 mois
  • When coming Fortnite on Android

    HerrZwerkmann lolHerrZwerkmann lolIl y a 7 mois
  • Pls fortnite pls make the game available to 1gb RAM devices pls I'm your biggest fan!

    GamingAnimatorGamingAnimatorIl y a 7 mois
  • Hi Epic come back to Dusty Depot Please

    xgiidaxgiidaIl y a 7 mois
  • Please provide Fortnite on Xiaomi redmi y2

    Arjun KambojArjun KambojIl y a 7 mois
  • Please bring back soaring 50s disco domination is trash

    YEETYEETIl y a 7 mois
  • Thank you fortnite.

    NinjaNinjaIl y a 7 mois
  • *epic

    Gabriel LPGabriel LPIl y a 7 mois
  • Fortnite bring 50 v 50 back please

    Ahmed ShahidAhmed ShahidIl y a 7 mois
  • I can't live without Fortnite.

    Aleks GamingAleks GamingIl y a 7 mois
  • Hey Epic Games I want to download Fortnite on Samsung J7

    Aleks GamingAleks GamingIl y a 7 mois
  • where is the quadcrasher

    Max HazardMax HazardIl y a 7 mois
  • Pls fortnite for android

    NoT TfueNoT TfueIl y a 7 mois
  • There should be an iphone exclusive skin

    Hassan strikesHassan strikesIl y a 7 mois
  • When is there Fortnite for Android ??

    Ivan HassanIvan HassanIl y a 7 mois
  • Ew what a waste of a skirmish

    ifearifearIl y a 7 mois
  • Can you install fortnite with Samsung galaxy tab E 4.4.4

    JADO TOPJADO TOPIl y a 7 mois
  • Please I need play fortnite but my phone is not complete this game

    JADO TOPJADO TOPIl y a 7 mois
  • Can I enter it

    Xd LewiZXd LewiZIl y a 7 mois
  • Bring back wite out and overtake

    Amritpal GHDAmritpal GHDIl y a 7 mois
  • نبي سيرفر اسعودي ولي معي لايك

    omarاكس اكسomarاكس اكسIl y a 7 mois

    Player LodaPlayer LodaIl y a 7 mois

    You Will Never KnowYou Will Never KnowIl y a 7 mois
  • fortnite would u pls fix the crashing glitch while loading into match

    Mahin tiger258Mahin tiger258Il y a 7 mois
  • And add drift back in season7

    Kooopa GangKooopa GangIl y a 7 mois
  • Please let the other Samsung's play like S2 when the game is fully release:(((((.

    Stiggerdigger 2346Stiggerdigger 2346Il y a 7 mois
  • Please take out fortnite for j7 neo

    gomez_-valentin 99gomez_-valentin 99Il y a 7 mois
  • Please add the beef boss back in the game in season 6 I’ll do anything😭😭😭😭😋

    Kooopa GangKooopa GangIl y a 7 mois
  • Lixe Me TURN BACK ORANGE JUSTICE PASS 7 No pass v bucks

    Papyrus desbeliefPapyrus desbeliefIl y a 7 mois
  • Epic for the pick ake for the epic skin idea it should be like trhosty noumber 2 plz respond if you like my ideas

    kadlog02 587kadlog02 587Il y a 7 mois
  • Epic i have a nother idea you should make a epic emply and they should have a black hat and shert with your epic logo on it and they should have jeens on and the back bling should be your favert skin holding your favert gun and the name should be like these (EPIC) something thats were you put your name thats my idea for fortnite like if you agree. Ps if you make it can you put made by kadlog02 or something like that plz

    kadlog02 587kadlog02 587Il y a 7 mois
  • When will electro swing come out?????

    DaRealMemeDaRealMemeIl y a 7 mois
  • Epic can you make a cop were it has a cop uniform on but it has the battle stare as there bag and there back bling whould be. One will have a jail cell with one of the robber skins in it and the other should be a desk with a lamp computer and paper work on it and there names should be shierf seth and shierf danille. Ps if you make it can you give me some credit by puting made by kadlog02 plz like if you agree.

    kadlog02 587kadlog02 587Il y a 7 mois
  • Plz bring double pump plz

    Daniel GonzalezDaniel GonzalezIl y a 7 mois
  • Give marlonWebb credit for best mates give him a check for the dance u guys took it without giving him credit

    James BesslerJames BesslerIl y a 7 mois

    FireGhost OficialFireGhost OficialIl y a 7 mois
  • Epic could u pls add redmi note 4

    RCD •BruskRCD •BruskIl y a 7 mois

    3 years ago3 years agoIl y a 7 mois

    666prxz666prxzIl y a 7 mois
  • Can u make a back long for funk opps

    50 Subscribers Without Any Videos50 Subscribers Without Any VideosIl y a 8 mois
  • Thy got to get rid of the double barrel shotgun. I swear

    C HoughtonC HoughtonIl y a 8 mois

    Jordan KennedyJordan KennedyIl y a 8 mois

    gamer kidd Ytgamer kidd YtIl y a 8 mois
  • why is 50v50 gone?

    Echo SkywalkerEcho SkywalkerIl y a 8 mois
  • If you bring back double pump and drum gun Then it will balanced, and make the drum gun decreased damage to structures. Please read this

    NoFINGNoFINGIl y a 8 mois
  • Put thr drum gun back plz :)

    LoLGaming 61LoLGaming 61Il y a 8 mois
  • Make a kids pro am and I can be in it I’m so good my record is 21 kills

    Khaotic GhostKhaotic GhostIl y a 8 mois
  • When is gifting out

    Maggas888Maggas888Il y a 8 mois
  • I couldn't get the fortnite APK so I just got black out 4 and its a good game they have it on any andriod

    Nick Willem123Nick Willem123Il y a 8 mois
  • Saquen fornite para android ya que varias personas que son seguidores de fornite se están quedando sin jugar debido a que no han sacado el fornite para las versiones Moto G Play, Huawei P8 etcétera yo digo que deberían sacarlo para no perder a la gran comunidad De fornite Hasta luego *IF SOMEONE FROM EPIC GAMES PLEASE TAKE THIS COMMENT*

    Jorge Alberto Gonzalez ReyesJorge Alberto Gonzalez ReyesIl y a 8 mois
  • Refill refund tickets!

    YassirGoldYassirGoldIl y a 8 mois
  • Refill refund tickets!

    YassirGoldYassirGoldIl y a 8 mois
  • Refill refund tickets!

    YassirGoldYassirGoldIl y a 8 mois
  • Refill refund tickets!

    YassirGoldYassirGoldIl y a 8 mois
  • Refill refund tickets!

    YassirGoldYassirGoldIl y a 8 mois
  • Refill refund tickets!

    YassirGoldYassirGoldIl y a 8 mois
  • Refill refund tickets!

    YassirGoldYassirGoldIl y a 8 mois
  • Games dead

    The R3cycl3dGoods ChannelThe R3cycl3dGoods ChannelIl y a 8 mois
  • Why did they delete soaring 50s

    Kylon VLOGSKylon VLOGSIl y a 8 mois
  • Bring back double pump like if you agree.

    Amber SweigartAmber SweigartIl y a 8 mois
  • Meshooo o

    عبد الله ال سليمانعبد الله ال سليمانIl y a 8 mois
  • Fortnite Just pls add double pump back jesus

    ツWhat’s goodツWhat’s goodIl y a 8 mois
  • Fortnite please I want the Eon bundle in the Microsoft store free on xbox one!!! 😢😭

    FaintTrout70474FaintTrout70474Il y a 8 mois
  • just an idea but you think you might add back the pumpkin launcher on battle royale and save the world?

    kloudPaikloudPaiIl y a 8 mois
  • Bring back the revolver and drum gun

    super diggyguy64super diggyguy64Il y a 8 mois
  • How to play 2gb ram phone

    Md SabbirMd SabbirIl y a 8 mois
  • Plz bring back 20v20

    Pizza YummyPizza YummyIl y a 8 mois
  • I found a problem for PS4, hope you could fix it. When the left stick is jump and you edit a wall/ramp ect. you can't jump. I asked my friends if they could jump with other settings and they could. Please fix it

    German FagGerman FagIl y a 8 mois
  • Please make the pump shotgun

    Cool TubeCool TubeIl y a 8 mois
  • why you remov like evry gun i only find common guns and evryone who kill me they kill me whit RPG but i haved evrything common

    Baby_Samurai-Baby_Samurai-Il y a 8 mois
  • Release fortnite on ps3 and xbox 360 please!!!

    Ahmaddaniel 1609Ahmaddaniel 1609Il y a 8 mois
  • fix stats for ios android and switch maan

    YahyaTheLadYahyaTheLadIl y a 8 mois
  • my colleague was robbed because some hacker stole the account

    kamerzysta 69kamerzysta 69Il y a 8 mois
  • We really need gifting or trading because of the endless possibilities and the fact that people place bets for skins and can't get them unless gifting comes

    Kevin NealonKevin NealonIl y a 8 mois
  • Listen

    Kevin NealonKevin NealonIl y a 8 mois
Fall Skirmish Week 4 Trial - ATK Racing