Nameless COMPUTER - Painkiller (Judas Priest Tribute)

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    The 80's GuyThe 80's GuyIl y a 7 mois
  • It's like you got John Carpenter and Power Glove to make music for Doom.

    Kyle HydeKyle HydeIl y a mois
  • Gonna be honest, definitely an instant classic for me.

    Diavolo DoppioDiavolo DoppioIl y a 5 mois
  • who is megaman?

    Magic WaldenMagic WaldenIl y a 6 mois
  • This......... is......... the PAINKILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boomstick FireBoomstick FireIl y a 6 mois
  • Looks like the warmaster helmet a little bit

    Geoff ReyGeoff ReyIl y a 7 mois
  • The mighty priest \m/ nice job

    apparentsiren apparentsirenapparentsiren apparentsirenIl y a 7 mois
  • Very cool

    joey4trackjoey4trackIl y a 7 mois
  • Somebody have to do a cover of Electric Eye by Judas Priest

    Dalek CDalek CIl y a 7 mois
  • Razorfist would be pleased.

    Nathan unknownNathan unknownIl y a 7 mois
  • I like piano part at the end more than whole song. That is something really fascinating

    Ne SemenNe SemenIl y a 7 mois
    • Yeah, i wished it was longeeeer

      Gustaw FurnaceGustaw FurnaceIl y a 6 mois
    • I like you avatar nips.

      Nathan unknownNathan unknownIl y a 7 mois
  • ya all I see is terminators crushing humans with no fucks given

    Vosto VladVosto VladIl y a 7 mois
  • Dude, this would make for some great battle music in an 80s influenced mecha anime like say the new Megazone 23 being made as of this moment!

    Matt WheatonMatt WheatonIl y a 7 mois
    • @Oneirogeist You know it!

      Matt WheatonMatt WheatonIl y a 4 mois
    • holy shit! not many know about megazone 23! saw it in mid 80's. awesome anime!

      OneirogeistOneirogeistIl y a 4 mois
    • @Retrobensan Boy you ain't kiddin'.

      Matt WheatonMatt WheatonIl y a 7 mois
    • That Robot in that video looks like a Boomer from BGC.

      RetrobensanRetrobensanIl y a 7 mois
  • This guy never disappoints, nice track.

    MenaKMenaKIl y a 7 mois
  • Badass sound and image.

    Damian StarksDamian StarksIl y a 7 mois
    • Hey, you seem to be a really active synthwave fan, maybe you would like to join the official discord server created for the genre ^^

      Stoppi' n timmeStoppi' n timmeIl y a mois
  • Very nice!

    IasonIasonIl y a 7 mois
    • Yep !

      Damian StarksDamian StarksIl y a 7 mois
  • Thanks for the feature! Awesome choice for the pic, I love it!

    Nameless COMPUTERNameless COMPUTERIl y a 7 mois
    • meh. judas priest is still heavier.

      Andrew DominguezAndrew DominguezIl y a 7 mois
    • Well done.

      Agent SmithAgent SmithIl y a 7 mois
    • Read my mind here !

      Damian StarksDamian StarksIl y a 7 mois
Nameless COMPUTER - Painkiller (Judas Priest Tribute)