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THIS VLOG IS SO LIT! We went to this GLOW IN THE DARK obstacle course attraction and we had the whole place to ourselves! We did some crazy dares there as well.. I hope you all enjoyed the vlog!
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  • even though i threw up from this vid i had to watch it

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  • rug u should shave ur shirt

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  • Intro: I don’t care I saw incredibles 2 in theaters and didn’t get a headache or seizure

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  • That has happened where I live like it was extremely windy

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  • Me and I have epilepsy but guess what I watch it because I love you ❤

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  • THAT SHIT IS AWESOME!! I NEED to go and visit there.

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  • Hold up is the Glow Zone

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  • Is that in las vegas

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  • This angle going up?!!!?!!!!! ANXIETYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

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  • I live in dumas tx and we dont have anything over here but when we go to Amarillo we go to this place called cinergy and it is exactly like glow zone

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  • I'm going to San Diego in September

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  • FaZe Rug lmao you’re dog peed on your room and you just let your Carpet to get that much Dirty I would be mad if I had a house dog and sh*its and pees on my room and not do anything about it 😂

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  • Omg so he said don't skip school but I am I have 4 days left and I'm staying home

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  • The first time I saw faze rug I thought he was a dad lol I was in 4th grade But like when he shaved I was like awww

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  • this is really a punk vid

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  • I got so much anxiety watching rug on the obstacle course 😥😥

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  • Video starts at 6:10 your welcome

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  • I went there before!!

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  • Ive been there, Its in panama. But I was little and was too scared. I think its at WonderWorks.

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  • Thx for the warning I have a friend in the room with those problems and I changed it as soon as I saw not to many people I watch does that

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  • I did that at triple play and it was so fun maybe u should go to triple play and get all-day passes to do everything

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  • Glow zone shut down there😭

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  • This thing is like main event theres a couse like that i went on the first thing which was a bridge and i was like oh no why did i agree to do these and i backed out and i kept thinking what a cowrd i was

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  • Rug: They wanted the content to be sick for the rugrats. Me: They wanted the content to be sick so they could have more people to come to Glo zone

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  • This is very unsafe they shouldn’t be doing this don’t do something dangerous just because someone dares you to

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  • The obstacle course I think was inspired by the ninja warrior cuz at Az airtime where I live it was inspired the obstacle course by ninja warrior

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